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Hampstead Village Preschool has been an exciting and wonderful part of my life for over 10 years. Not only did my daughter attend full day kindergarten over 11 years ago, I had the privilege to work as a Kindergarten teacher for 10 years. The dedication of the staff is evident in many regards. Many of them are long time, loyal staff, having worked at HVP for over 8 years. The quality of programming and the commitment to the safety of the children in their care are priorities. The program is child centered, focusing on helping each child grow socially, academically, and personally…each at their own pace. Parent involvement is encouraged, and many alumni of HVP have returned to either volunteer or work at the school. The environment is safe, clean, welcoming, and loving. Activities are age appropriate and fun. The school also offers enrichment activities such as Kindermusik, a visiting librarian to read each month, Shawn the Storyteller, karate classes, and numerous other programs that enhance their day.

As a parent, I was very pleased with the kindergarten education my daughter received. As a former teacher, I loved working in this environment, having the opportunity to influence the growing and curious minds of young children…many of whom I still remain in contact!

Regina Kuhl

My daughter, Danielle Reynolds is now a senior ready to graduate from Timberlane, her first, most important years where at Hampstead Village (prettyschool as she used to say) Preschool. Her learning experience was amazing, the teachers and staff are all wonderful. She is still approached around town by teachers she once had there and it is reassuring to her. I have recommended HVP to several family members and friends. The care and education she received there helped her develop into a bright, independent young lady. It was of a benefit to her to begin school at HVP, she developed good learning skills that she has carried through her academic career.

Thank you Kathy, Kerrie Fortin

I wanted to express appreciation for the experience both of my daughters, Anna and Abbey Dunton, had at HVP. Anna is now in 5th grade and Abbey is in 3rd grade. It was reassuring how competent and knowledgeable the staff is. The field trips, programs and Grandparents day were a favorite of both my girls and our family. My neice went there several years before my daughters and she also loved her experience! I have also recommended this place to several friends between the extended hours, reasonable price and the love and care the children receive has benefitted all of us. HVP is also a secure environment for the safety of all attending!!

Lynne M Dunton

Dear hvp,
I recommend your school because I went there and I really liked.i liked it so much I wish I could still be in preschool.i remember the last day of school I was so sad I had to leave the school.thank u for teaching me a lot of stuff:)

Abbey Dunton

My daughter has attended HVP since she was 4 months old & we love the school! She got plenty of attention in the baby room & they asked tons of questions to make sure they were doing things the same at school as we did at home.

When it was time to move up to the 1&2 year old room, it was a big adjustment for my daughter but Mrs Cope & Mrs Richard (the owner) have both been great! mrs Cope always takes the time to cuddle with we when I leave in the morn g since that can be the hardest part. I especially love that it is a school & not just a daycare- I feel like sheer a so much there! I would highly recommend.

Amanda S.

To Whom It May Concern, I wish to recommend wholeheartedly Hampstead Village Preschool for any parents wishing to find a place where their children will experience true growth academically and socially. Our son, Evan, is finishing up his last year there (he is now leaving Kindergarten) and I must say that we have been so very happy with the school. Evan is finishing his third and final year there and has found it to be like his second home.

I am amazed at how caring and kind the staff is at the school - they are all are very warm, sincere and above all, people who love kids. Every day that I would drop off and pick up my son from school I was met with teachers and staff who were kind, compasssionate, supportive and, most of all, patient.It is in that environment that I saw my son grow in his education (he now can read to us at bedtime!) and social skills. I am so happy to know that he is being taught to love and honor God as part of his education as well - this I believe is key to the school's success.I am impressed at the curriculum that the school uses and think that there is a wealth of knowledge in the variety of subjects and depth that they cover. I am impressed at all of the material that he has covered, especially in the last year, and love how his teachers have woven together and interrelated material that could easily seem unrelated. It is this part that gives greater meaning to the lessons and makes it more fun for the kids. Even the after hours activities have real educational value, not just empty "filler" stuff.

I truly could go on and on about the positive environment and the great education that my son has gotten in his 3 years at Hampstead Village Preschool. I will say that if you are considering sending your child here for a great education in a safe, loving environment, look no further knowing that your child will be well cared for, challenged academically and given a solid foundation.

Sean & Sharon Dougherty

My Grand daughter started in the "toddler Two" room in November 2011. She had not been in a daycare setting before, but family schedules changed and Isabella needed to be in daycare 3 days per week. Isabella started the "school year" late in the year, but we got an excellent orientation and tour of the school and what to expect from Mrs. Richard! I had sent my daughter to HVPS for Kindergarten years ago, and was happy to see it was the same owner, Karen Richard, along with some other teachers who were still there!

Isabella has thrived at HVPS! Her vocabulary skills have grown, along with her socialization skills and learning her numbers and ABCs! It has been an excellent environment for Isabella and she LOVES going to school. She gets excited when we pull in the driveway and anxious to see her friends and teachers, Miss Tasha and Miss Sheena! She is happy to see Mrs. Cope, who greets her every morning when we arrive.

The communication we receive about Isabella's day as well as progress and/or concerns are timely and helpful. We are very happy with the child care Isabella receives! The entire staff are professional, caring and understanding! I would recommend Hampstead Village Preschool to parents looking for quality childcare/education for their pre-school aged children!

Carol Fuhs, 
Danville, NH

Searching for a kindergarten program and finding the right one is very important. My personal mission was to find one that was peanut and tree-nut free due to my daughters food allergies. The Hampstead Village Preschool & Kindergarten met those qualifications.

I remember the first time driving up to the school, chosing a school building that was strictly for preschool, kindergarten and day care really pleased me. My first impression was a warm friendly
greeting, safe secure environment and clean appearance.

After viewing the classroom and looking over the curriculum and finding they emphasize Christian values and principles and they welcome parent volunteers in the classroom I decided this was the place for my daughter. She'll have fun while being educated and I
know now, also being loved.

Your kindergarten experience should be enjoyable,and nice; and be the source of positive memories for your whole family. My daughter graduates next week and is prepared for first grade. I'm thrilled with Hampstead Village Preschool and Kindergarten. There's no
better feeling then having no regrets!

Brenda O'Loughlin

My husband and I couldn't be happier with our two year old's experience at HVP. The combination of wonderful teachers and great curriculum was exactly what we were looking for, and found, at HVP. Our experience has been that the environment created by the teachers for the two year olds is safe, loving, and fun, with learning as the over-arching theme. As an example, our son is proud to talk about the color of the month and likes to tell stories about the themed monthly party and eating blue, or red, or purple food.

We are looking forward to another year at HVP.

-Michelle O'Connor

If you are looking for a preschool with a nurturing, stimulating, and creative environment, then look no further. My oldest child began attending Hampstead Village Preschool at the age of three in the year 2000. It was hard for me to let go of her and trust that she would be well taken care of and loved, while not in my care. It didn’t take long for me to realize that she was very safe and loved at HVP. It was a wonderful first school experience for both my daughter and for my husband and me.

My second child attended for the first time two years later. Although I had no doubt that she would be well taken care of, she had some anxiety about leaving me. The staff at HVP worked so well with my daughter and I to transition her into her new environment at school. Although I knew my daughter was sad to see me go, I also knew that she would be comforted by her teachers. She thrived in the creative environment at HVP, and has many fond memories of being there. My third child began attending HVP this fall. He was the most difficult to transition into the school environment. Even though I had been through this process twice before, it still pulled at my heart strings to see him upset when I left.

The staff at HVP made sure that not only my son felt safe and reassured, but also me. I would receive a phone call a few minutes after I left to let me know how he was doing. Now he wakes up and wants to know if it’s a school day! He loves going to school and seeing his teachers and friends.

I can’t thank the staff at Hampstead Village Preschool enough for giving all of my children such a wonderful preschool experience.

-Jenna McMahon

Hampstead Village Preschool, Hampstead, NH

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