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Our Ladybug Program is especially designed for children from 6 weeks - 12 mos. Our program emphasizes the nurturing and well being of each child. It provides a stimulating and warm, loving environment. The teachers will provide a schedule based on each childs needs which includes Language Development, Large and Small Muscle skills, and Social/Emotional development.

Music is introduced daily to lay the foundation for songs and rhymes. Our Language program provides visual and tactile stimulation. Small and Large Motor Skills helps to develop muscle coordination. The Social and Emotional aspect of the day will promote brain development and positive social interaction.

Full Day program is offered with a minimum of 2 days per week.

Humans develop more in the first 2 years of life than at any other time. The Hampstead Village Preschool’s staff is devoted in making the most out of every moment. We do this by engaging each child with activities that stimulate their growing minds, which helps them to develop cognitively and socially.

Our curriculum, Bright Baby, is designed to introduce baby to new experiences, concepts and skills through direct interaction with teachers. There are three sets of age appropriate activities that encourage talk, play, song, movement, sign and reading time.

The curriculum is divided into three age groups, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months

TOUCH; touch objects and being touched help babies brains grow and develop

MOVEMENT; Movement increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain and can enhance babies’ reaction times to stimulation. This sensorimotor stimulation enhances brain development.

READING; When babies are read to they are actively receiving the sounds of your voice, the rhythms and rhymes of language and the comfort of your secure embrace.

LANGUAGE; Smiles and coos let you know that baby is listening to and receiving the language interaction with you. These interactions build the language and communication centers of the brain and are the beginning of conversation skills.


Our Toddler Lamb Program provides a stimulating, physically safe, clean and healthful environment. The program provides an emotionally warm and supportive atmosphere. The teachers provide a curriculum full of sensory motor and social experiences, allowing interpersonal relationships with adults and other children. The teacher initiated fun activities promote positive self-esteem and independence.

Children learn from play experiences. Activity, motor involvement and play are essential in developing a child’s language abilities. Therefore, teacher and child directed play is an important part of our program.

* Children in this program must be 12 months old and walking to enter this program *


The Toddler Frog Program promotes sensory exploration, language development and creativity. Our monthly curriculum builds a strong foundation for early literacy. Each month a new theme is introduced that increases your child’s listening and verbal skills. 8 vocabulary/picture cards are introduced to promote literacy/verbal skills and recognition skills.

Your child will be offered a variety of art experiences, using different materials and colors. The Fine Motor aspect of our program includes playdoh, sticker fun, painting, markers, crayons etc. which will help to build the muscles in your child’s hand. This part of our program is necessary as a pre-writing skill needed to excel in our Preschool 3 classroom.

The Large Muscle aspect of our curriculum helps to keep children active and involved, which goes hand and hand with our music and movement portion of the day. Coordination, balance and upper body strength is important to develop at this age.

Dramatic Play and Creative Expression stimulates curiosity and exploration. This also presents opportunities for child-initiated play.

Parents will receive a newsletter each month describing the activities, and themes for that month. A daily note, ‘Toddler Tattles’ will be sent home each day.

* Children in this program must be 2 years old by September 30th *


The Three Year Old Program provides a stimulating and fun learning environment where the children can explore, learn and interact with the world around them. The children seek, discover, assimilate and act upon new ideas and concepts as they are introduced by Early Childhood Educators. This program has a strong emphasis on language development and socialization. Activities in Art, Music, Language Development, Creative Movement, Dramatic Play, and Cognitive Development are all incorporated into Circle, Lessons or Activity Centers. Monthly newsletters are used to keep the parents involved in what their children are learning. The children experience daily outdoor exploration on our fully equipped playground.

As part of our curriculum, Shawn the Story Teller (Storytellingwithshawn.com) comes once a month and Jenn from Sports Stars (SportsStarsforkids.com) comes once a week.
Both these programs enhance your child's experience here at the Hampstead Village Preschool. There is an extra charge for both of these programs.

* Children in this program must be 3 by Sept 30th *


The Four Year Old Program focuses on the total social, emotional, physical, intellectual and cognitive development of the child. Activity centers are used to encourage children to explore, touch, manipulate and experiment in small groups that accommodate a wide range of developmental interests and abilities. The children are provided with enjoyable teacher directed activities to teach the alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers and other basic readiness skills. Music, Art and Seasonal Activities are regularly integrated into the curriculum. The children will learn letter and number formation using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. Monthly parent newsletters inform parents of the themes and learning objectives that will be introduced during class. Occasional field trips are planned to provide further enrichment. The children experience daily outdoor exploration on our fully equipped playground through all seasons.

As part of our curriculum, Shawn the Story Teller (Storytellingwithshawn.com) comes once a month and Jenn from Sports Stars (SportsStarsforkids.com) comes once a week.
Both these programs enhance your child's experience here at the Hampstead Village Preschool. There is an extra charge for both of these programs.

*Children in this program must be 4 by September 30th*

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